As a Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. Hakimi has had diverse medical training and has combined his knowledge of western medicine with specialized alternative medical modalities to create an integrative and comprehensive medical practice.
Dr. Hakimi has tailored his treatment plans specifically in line with his holistic approach and understanding of the human physique, physiology, and psyche. All treatment plans are constructed with primary emphasis on the individual. He spends ample amount of time with his clients to get to know their medical history, diet, habits, fitness status, structural issues, mental and psycho-social issues. He then designs a specific plan for individuals tailored to their specific needs.
The components of the plan are: detox, dietary adjustments, stretches and exercises, structural Osteopathic treatments, emotional counseling and coaching, medications and medication adjustments, and Homeopathy. He puts a strong emphasis on client education.
Doctor Hakimi | Body of Harmony

Payam Hakimi, D.O., A.B.F.P.

Dr. Hakimi’s philosophy has at its core the natural healing process of a living organism. He believes Healing is a process by which energetic, hormono-chemical, structural, physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual aspects line up to produce balance and harmony.

Educational achievements include:
  • Undergraduate work at UCLA with a double degree program in Biology and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • Medical school at Touro University (TUCOM)
  • Doctor of Osteopathy degree from Western University of Health Sciences (WUHS/COMP)
  • Residency at LAC+USC with the Department of Family Medicine
  • Chief Resident for the program at USC and functioned as an Assistant Clinical Professor at USC Keck School of Medicine
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Family Physicians
  • Extended training in Clinical Homeopathy from and lectures for Center for Education and Development of Homeopathy
Awards and memberships include:
Clinical/Practice experience includes:
  • Individual and group counseling programs
  • Addiction support group counseling since 2005
  • T.V. program “Addiction is More Than an Illness”

Clients benefit from inter- and intra-personal development, relaxation techniques, and time and priority management.

He is an Osteopath by training and has helped his clients restore the normal circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous flow of the body. Osteopathy works by removing restrictions to flow, thus increasing the vitality of the body and decreasing the time and energy it needs to achieve natural balance.

Dr. Hakimi offers a Western-Eastern medical practice which encompasses Osteopathic structural fitness, hormonal and chemical balance through natural medications and detoxification, adjunctive clinical Homeopathy, coaching and counseling, and holistic healing.