We strive to create a positive and beneficial experience for our clients by providing a close doctor-patient relationship. Our treatment plans support, stimulate, and aid internal body faculties in order to maintain wellness, as well as decrease trauma, stress, and aging through integrating Western Medical practices and Alternative Medical modalities.

Scope of Practice:

“At Body of Harmony your health is our profession and our passion.” I have always been in awe of the intricate processes of human physiology, biochemistry and anatomy. There really is a force behind all the detailed operations which happen in our body without our knowledge. Starting from the DNA level to the mitochondrial, the cell, each organ, each system, and its ability to sustain itself as we move around and perform as we go through our lives.

We look beyond your cholesterol number, blood pressure, and regular medical parameters. You need a good night’s sleep, energy, motivation, focus, libido, a good diet and exercise, and a happy and content mood to function optimally. Beyond that, you also need to conserve your energy, heal quickly, eliminate and detoxify properly, increase your immunity and decrease inflammation.

At your consultation we evaluate your entire medical workup, including your integrative and alternative workups, supplements, medication, and more. Based on your health needs we do genetic, toxic and infectious loads, inflammatory processes, hormones, and structural evaluation. A plan is then created specifically for your needs with physiologic optimization through supplements, IV nutrition, and Homeopathic medication, structural integrity by Osteopathic Manipulation and Stem Cell Therapy.

“The body is physical, structural, physiological, emotional, psychological, electro-chemical and spiritual. The future of medicine is about understanding this and getting back to looking inside the person, rather than only at their disease process.”

- Dr. Hakimi

Dr. Hakimi has acquired a unique approach to patient care through his experience. He is a board-certified family physician who combines the general knowledge of medicine with other specialized modalities in order to offer effective and complete care, with the least amount of side effects. Dr. Hakimi’s philosophy at its core centers on the natural healing process of a living organism. He believes healing is a process by which energetic, hormono-chemical, structural, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects line up to produce change.

Dr. Hakimi is one of the few physicians who practice Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Cranial Therapy for the treatment of structural abnormalities. Headaches & migraines, reoccuring sinus & ear infections, thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, sciatica, and joint pains are part of the ailments treated by manual therapy.