Prior to her career as Managing Partner at Body Of Harmony, Shiva earned a Masters degree in Architecture & a degree in Business Management.  She was part of the design group for rebuilding downtown Miami, Wynwood Art District, and pockets of south Florida’s commercial construction.  Shiva worked closely in Public Relations with Haute Living, Ocean Drive, Venue, and Plum magazines.

Music is Shiva’s passion and hobby and what Shiva has dedicated many years of her life to.  She has studied with world renowned performers of Persian Classical Music and is now skilled in playing one of the contemporary string instruments, the Setar.

Shiva has had a long journey into spiritual discovery and is very familiar with the mind-body association.  She has devoted a portion of her day to furthering her knowledge of Rumi and Hafiz spiritual poetry and certain meditation practices.  The stepping stone for Shiva to train  for Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Blind-fold and Remote Viewing has been practicing consciousness expansion meditations.

Shiva’s interpersonal skills and commitment to excellence, her compassion and bright personality give her an edge in coordinating patient processes at Body of Harmony.